Hancock County fears more flooding

Hancock County fears more flooding

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (AP) - Residents like Dusty Legnon are happy that roads in Hancock County are finally starting to clear after recent flooding.

"One end was blocked, the other end was blocked," said Legnon. "It's only two ways to get in and out, so I had to go to my daughter's house for three days."

Emergency Management Agency Director Brian Adams says while some streets may be clear, people living on other streets weren't as fortunate.

"Right now we have about eight streets that still have water on them. Seven of them are impassable, so there's still some ares that we can't get into," said Adams.

Although many roads in Hancock County have been cleared, emergency officials say rainy weather conditions may change that.

"It really depends on how heavy it is, and how long the duration is. That's something we'll just have to see when it happens," added Adams.

For Legnon, it's a reminder of the past.

"I hate it, I hate it, I don't like it. We lost our house in Katrina," Legnon said.

Adams and the Hancock County Fire Department are preparing for the worst, in the event anything drastic happens, but must first assess how much damage has been done.

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