MS State Representative: 'I could care less'

MS State Representative: 'I could care less'
Guidry says she will continue to fight for her family's future in Mississippi. (Photo source: Facebook)
Guidry says she will continue to fight for her family's future in Mississippi. (Photo source: Facebook)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Gulfport mom never imagined an email she received from a state lawmaker would ignite a firestorm of controversy.

On March 11, Becky Guidry emailed every Mississippi state representative to ask them to vote against the Taxpayer Pay Raise Act, which would phase out the income and corporate franchise taxes. Guidry believes that money should go to support programs such as education.

The Illinois native got involved in politics - specifically fighting for education funding - when her son Julien started Kindergarten in 2015.

"Karl Oliver isn't in my district, and I don't vote for him, but I do think he represents our state," Guidry said.

However, Guidry never expected the response she received from the Republican representative for District 46, who said in part:

"I see you are not a native to the Great State of Mississippi nor do you and I have similar political views......I could care less. I would, however, recommend that there are a rather large number of like-minded citizens in Illinois that would love to see you return."

"I was floored. I couldn't believe that here is someone that basically is telling me my opinion doesn't count, and that I should go back to where I came from," said Guidry.

After she posted the exchange on Facebook, social media reacted. In addition to her original post receiving nearly 800 shares, some users went so far as to leave comments and one-star ratings on Oliver's Facebook page.

Guidry, who says the social media comments speak volumes, doesn't plan on replying to Rep. Oliver's email.

"I don't think there's anything I could say that would sway his opinion. Maybe just to let him know that as a representative of the state, he should be more respectful to the people that do reach out to him," said Guidry.

WLOX reached out to Rep. Oliver, who released the following statement:

Mrs. Guidry offered in her email that tax friendly, pro business government was in her words irresponsible.  I simply shared with her our political views on government responsibility differed. I, and an overwhelming majority of Mississippians, agree, as evidenced by the pro business legislators they send to Jackson to represent them time and time again, that less intrusive government, letting the people have more of their hard earned dollars to provide for their families as they desire, and providing an environment conducive to growth and prosperity across the state are their concerns. I could care less that she disagrees with me. I did not tell her to leave Mississippi. I suggested that like minded individuals in her home state of Illinois DO agree with her overwhelmingly, and that I'm sure they would love her to return.

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