Pearl River County flood victims clean up mess

Pearl River County flood victims clean up mess

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - On Friday, Pearl River County flood victims started the tedious task of cleaning up the mess Mother Nature left behind; pulling their lives back together.

Many residents in the Walkiah Bluff community spent the day picking up items and debris that washed up on their property. Others washed away mud and sediment deposited underneath their raised homes.

Residents hit hardest by the rising river have a much bigger job ahead of them.

The Boudreaux family home took in about a foot of water. They're now left pulling out wet sheet-rock, and using rented blowers to help dry out the home.

"We will remove all of the flooring, sheet rock four foot up, insulation, dry it out and start over. Kitchen cabinets, appliances, some clothes and stuff that were low lying. Everything that was under a foot is gone," said Lou Boudreaux.

Those affected by the flood will hold a community meeting Saturday morning at 9 a.m. at Walkiah Baseball Field. Residents will discuss community issues relating to the devastating flood waters that recently swept through the river front community.

Emergency management leaders say the Walkiah Water Park will be closed all day Saturday to recreation, and won't re-open until 6 a.m. to give residents a chance to clean up with less traffic in the area.

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