Page13: A new way to see Biloxi

Page13: A new way to see Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A Biloxi businessman is bringing a new form of travel to downtown. Steve Gunn welcomes a young couple into his Pedicab.

"Hey guys, ready to take a ride with Biloxi Pedicab," asks Gunn.

Gunn offers leisurely rides around Biloxi. Pedicabs have become very common around America.

"You have seen these in other cities like New Orleans, Key West and Pensacola. I thought it would be something that would add to the experience of being in downtown Biloxi," Gunn said.

Right now, Gunn has only one Pedicab that he runs in Biloxi. His goal is to keep expanding.

"I'd like to have two more by May. I'll run two in Biloxi and one in Gulfport or Ocean Springs on the weekend," according to Gunn.

He has been running his yellow Pedicab for a few weeks now. People seem to enjoy seeing city sites from this vantage point. It is a nice way to discover Biloxi.

"They get to look around and pay attention instead of driving. Even locals see things for the first time. They like to sit back, relax and enjoy Biloxi," Gunn said.

Gunn came up with the idea after MGM was built and minor league baseball came to the coast. He thinks there's a great opportunity to shuttle fans to and from games.

"We've worked a couple games already and had a good response. I think it will add to the game day experience. If people have to park far away, they can just jump in," said Gunn.

Exercise has been a pleasant byproduct of the business. Pedal power is good for the waist line and hopefully good for the bottom line.

"I've lost 15 pounds in about two weeks. I hope to make a little money and lose a little weight. I'll be happy with either one," Gunn joked.

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