Tradition Project Closer To Construction

Tradition developers think they're about two weeks away from clearing a significant hurdle. The utility district overseeing water and sewer needs for the north Harrison County project is about to finalize its $11 million financing plan.

Once that's taken care of, the ECHCPUD will choose the engineering designs for the water and sewer facilities.

Brynn Joachim is with the Tradition development group.

"This is the first tangible step to begin providing the basic services that residents of the Tradition are going to need," she said, right before the public utility district held its Thursday meeting.

Work on the water wells, distribution lines, and sewage collection systems should begin in about 120 days. Once crews connect the 4,600 acre property to water and sewer pipes, Tradition's planned community can come out of the ground.

"This is absolutely a step that this is going to happen," Joachim said.

Tradition developers first pitched their $1.7 billion project in 1999. They even got the state to build a four lane parkway through the property, so Tradition residents would have access to Highway 67 and Highway 49.