Trio of Canadian friends enjoying extreme adventure

Trio of Canadian friends enjoying extreme adventure
The friends say the experience has been incredible. (Photo source: WLOX News)
The friends say the experience has been incredible. (Photo source: WLOX News)

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Three friends are on a once in a lifetime journey.

"Basically, we're just three Canadians that are learning as they go," said Nuka Dejocas.

The trio left the Port of Montreal on May 16, 2015, headed out on a 5,000 mile kayaking expedition.

"Now we're coming into the gulf going towards Mexico, the small town of Rio Lagarto in the Yucatan," said Dejocas.

So far, the adventurous trip has been everything they imagined.

"Oh, it's just great. It's a life changing experience and we enjoy every minute of it. Everything's new every day. We never know what to expect. So, I think that's the best part of it," said Julien Granger.

The group planned the trip as best they could, but weather and circumstance often dictate their movement. A typical day's paddle is about 20 miles.

"It's hard to plan everything. It was impossible for us, so most of the time we just wing it. And if the weather is good, we might do more mileage," said Luc Labelle.

The friends say it's not just about living the adventure, but it's also about sharing what they encounter.

"We post everything on Facebook and our website, Defi-Go-Fetch and it's all about the experience and sharing it," said Granger.

The scenery from the kayaks has been incredible; perhaps topped only by personal encounters at various ports of call.

"Certainly the people we've met throughout the United States. I'm sure that throughout Mexico it will be the same. People have been very generous, very loving. It doesn't take very long for them to go out of their way and help us out," said Dejocas.

The Canadian friends are not only compiling educational materials, which they'll share with teachers and students back home, but they're also making plans to produce a movie of their kayak adventure.

"Being on the water, on the water that can bring you anywhere really.  And you never know where that will bring you. Both really urban areas and at the same time, really wild places. Beautiful scenery," said Labelle.

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