Pearlington residents still on edge despite water receding

Pearlington residents still on edge despite water receding

PEARLINGTON, MS (WLOX) - The water has gone down in Pearlington, but some residents are still on guard as water continues to surround their homes.

While most residents have evacuated, emergency and rescue teams are still working around the clock. Ancel Jones with West Hancock County Fire and Rescue has been on the job since the threat of flooding became reality during the weekend.

"I've gotten about two or three minutes of sleep," said Jones. "Most all of the firemen are getting tired and wore down."

The flood waters have caused roads to close in the area, but West Hancock Fire and Rescue Lt. Jefferson Verdin says his department hasn't seen any major issues.

"We went out and let everybody know about it before it came in, so we were prepared," said Verdin.

Diana Sharp is the caretaker for elderly residents who live in a house near the water, and she took them away to stay with family earlier in the week. They returned Wednesday to check on things before leaving, just in case the water starts rising again.

"We plan on leaving from here within the next hour to make sure we're not in harms way for their mental health," said Sharp.

The Pearl River crested earlier Wednesday, but high tide at night and rain in the forecast could mean more water rising.

"We're expected to get a high tide and it's going to push a little water in than normally, because high tide does that," said Verdin. "Hopefully we'll be in some good shape. We don't expect it to get that bad like it was."

Hancock County officials are waiting for the water to recede more to find out how many homes have been damaged.

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