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East St. Tammany residents see water continue to rise

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In one eastern St. Tammany neighborhood, residents anxiously watched the water from the Pearl River rise around their homes Monday.

In the Magnolia Forest subdivision, it was a desperate situation for homeowners on Parlange Drive who said it's inevitable that they will take on water.

In just a few short hours, the water level had risen. The Pearl River is a few hundred feet away from the homes, and while the area has flooded before, it's never been this bad, residents said. Some used sandbags around their property while others put their furniture on cinder blocks, hoping to minimize the damage. 

"We're prepared for the worst, but we're hoping for the best," said Melissa Keicher. "But I don't know why it just keeps coming, I mean, it won't stop. It's constantly moving this water."

"It is very stressful and very scary," said Dominick Martino. "Family is just pulling together, uniting, and we're just helping each other as much as we can."

Many said they won't be sleeping much tonight, as they nervously watch the water rise and pray that it doesn't destroy too much. 

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