Pearl River County residents recovering after flood

Pearl River County residents recovering after flood

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Even though streets are still flooded after a 20-foot river crest Sunday in Pearl River County, some residents are just happy it has become more manageable.

"I'm glad it's going down, and sooner or later we'll all be able to get back in there to live again," said Pearl County resident Jerry Jumper.

Jumper and the rest of his family, who operate a farm, have had to deal with the Pearl River overflowing on numerous occasions. However this time, it's affecting the family business.

"It was a struggle because we had to get all our animals and everything. We had to go somewhere else and it was really bad," said Courtney Martin.

According to Pearl River County Emergency Management officials, water in the Pearl River has actually gone down about two feet since Sunday.

"It's [made a] really big difference. We had to leave our rabbits and chickens in the house, they're still alive. The water's on and we can actually get into the house now," said Martin.

Pearl River County residents are still trying to maneuver around roads to get to their homes, some resorting to boats. Officials expect the roads will be back to normal soon.

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