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Pearl River residents brace for more flooding as preps underway in Slidell

Old Hwy 11 in Pearl River (FOX 8 Photo) Old Hwy 11 in Pearl River (FOX 8 Photo)

Residents in Pearl River watch the river rise as it inches closer and closer to homes. Now, the fear is spreading to other parts of St. Tammany Parish.
The water doesn't look that deep but the current is deceiving, making walking through it, a challenge.

Gina Blanchard and her brother were unable to drive, with water from the Pearl River, now covering Old Highway 11. Instead, they decided to wade through, in order to check on their sister in law, whose home is raised, but still in danger.

“About three feet from getting water right now,” Blanchard said.

About a dozen home and camp owners on Old Highway 11, are in the same boat.

Resident Bobby Blanchard says, “It will be close, it’s gonna be close.”

Especially, as the river continues to rise.

“Nervous, very nervous,” Blanchard commented.

Pearl River Mayor David McQueen says many residents chose not to evacuate and there aren't too many reports of damage, mostly roads, impassable thanks to the historic flooding.

While people in Pearl River watch the water engulf their yards and cars in some cases, residents living near Slidell, got to work Sunday.

“We've brought in and lifted all our furniture up onto cinder blocks,” resident Toni Meyer explained.

Meyer and her husband are used to seeing their home on Indian Village Road, flood.

“We do live on Doubloon Bayou, we're two blocks off the Pearl River,” Meyer said.

They've placed sandbags around their house, hoping for the best.

“It is inevitable, we will get water. We just want to be prepared for the worst,” St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister said.

Brister says Indian Village, and along Military Road are the areas most at risk. Parish emergency responders will closely monitor water levels, which should rise in this area Monday, and will be in position to get people out, if necessary.

Toni Meyer and her husband aren't taking any chances, evacuating Sunday night.

“It's in God’s hands,” Meyer said.

They just hope they have a dry home to return to.


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