Crews work to rescue residents along Pearl River

Crews work to rescue residents along Pearl River
Rescue crews work to help residents whose homes are flooded. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - What many people are calling a historic crest of the Pearl River has emergency personnel working overtime in Pearl River County.

Rescue crews occupy the Pine Grove area along the river as the water continues to rise; submerging homes in some areas.

"We knew we had rain, we expected the water to come up but never like this," said resident Andy Fleming.

Residents are scrambling to gather as much as they can from their homes before the water gets too high - or worse - trying to get out alive.

"It came up way faster than what we're normally use to it coming up. It just kept coming, and coming," said Fleming.

While many people took emergency personnel's advice and evacuated, others chose to stick it out.

"We stayed to kinda watch our stuff," said Flemming. "It's our life out here."

The people who chose not to evacuate are the ones Pearl River County's Emergency Management Services Director Danny Manley and his crews are now rescuing.

"The water's still rising. There's a good possibility rescue operations will continue throughout the night," Manley said.

About 28 rescue personnel are set up in the Pine Grove area. Though crews are fully equipped with a high water vehicle and rescue boats, but Manley says getting to people can still be challenging.

"There's some places where the boats can only go so far," Manley said.

As water continues to rapidly move into the area, emergency personnel say their biggest challenge is not knowing when the river will crest; or how high it'll get.

"I took a guess and requested state assets to remain on scene until Tuesday evening," Manley added.

People who live in the area are hoping it all comes to an end soon so they can clean up and rebuild.

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