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Mobile Home Dispute Divides Neighborhood

Some neighbors on Autry Drive did a double take when they saw a mobile home being pulled to the end of their street. They claim covenants don't allow any manufactured housing among their $200,000 homes.

But one property owner says not only is the mobile home allowed, Harrison County gave her the go ahead.

Susan Collins is the daughter of the late Hugh Snowden, who was a longtime Harrison County supervisor. The neighborhood is named "Snowden Farms". Collins says she has every right to have a mobile home on her 13 acres.

"It's a wonderful place to live," said Phyllis Shaw, while tending to the yard of her Autry Drive home.

She calls her neighborhood a little slice of heaven. Shaw worries a recent arrival could mean problems in paradise.

"We were working in our yard, and it drove by. And we were going, 'That's made the wrong turn. There's no trailer allowed on this street,'" Shaw recalled.

"Here's our permit that they gave us," said Susan Collins, as she laid out a pile of paperwork.

She set up the mobile home on her 13 acres of land, with Harrison County's approval. She wants the home for her daughter, who's seven months pregnant.

"And we did everything appropriately according to the law of the county, which says three acres zoned agricultural you can have a trailer," Colins said.

Collins and daughter Emilie have been busy getting the mobile home ready for "move in day". But suddenly, a roadblock.

"And there was a message from the code office saying we were not to make any more improvements toward moving in or anything, because someone had filed an appeal," she said.

That someone is Annette Carter. She lives in the first house on Autry Drive.

"And one trailer leads to other trailers. I've got a big investment here, and I'm only trying to protect my investment," said Carter.

"I don't see it from my house, but it's just right down there. And if it's approved, another one could go up," Phyllis Shaw explained.

For now, the mobile home is on hold. The daughter expected to be moving in Friday.

"We were hoping we'd somehow get the power on before Friday. But if not, we'll have to try and make some other arrangements," said Emilie Collins.

Supervisor Larry Benefield says the county probably made a mistake in approving the mobile home. He says another issue may involve an error in the county's zoning map.

Neighbors on both sides will voice their concerns at an appeal hearing before the planning commission.

By Steve Phillips

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