Witness describes horrifying experience during Popp's Ferry Bridge shooting

Witness describes horrifying experience during Popp's Ferry Bridge shooting

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Three Biloxi police officers are on administrative leave following an officer-involved shooting Thursday night on the Popp's Ferry Bridge that left one man dead.

Police responded after several people claim a man shot at their vehicles while they were driving on the bridge.

"I thought he was killing mass people on the bridge," said William Linville. "I thought he was going to kill everybody in every car, and that's what I told 911."

Linville spent Friday getting the rear window in his van repaired after it was shot out Thursday night on the Popp's Ferry Bridge. Linville was on his way home, with his granddaughter and her friend in the back seat, when he saw cars backed up with a man in the middle of traffic.

"He walked to the middle of the road to stop traffic this way, held the rifle up," said Linville. "The two cars accelerated to leave, I accelerated and he turned with one hand and blew the back window out head level with these two girls in the back."

Not sure if one of the girls had been shot, Linville immediately called 911 while speeding away.

"I told them there was a man on the bridge shooting people, to get somebody here quick," said Linville. "My window had been shot. I had two girls in the car. Before I turned into Antole Bay Apartments, I saw blue lights coming."

Pulling into the apartment complex at the foot of the bridge, Linville and the girls with him heard what happened from there.

"We heard some noises come from the bridge," said Linville. "Some hollering to drop the weapon, to get down. Then we heard several rounds of gunshots and then it was real quiet."

While thankful he and the girls aren't hurt, Linville will never be able to forget the man he saw on the bridge.

"He was staggering," said Linville. "It looked like he was intoxicated in my opinion."

As for what he's learned from the experience Linville said he's taking precautions in case anything like this happens again.

"I'll be concealing a weapon from now on," said Linville.

WLOX has learned the alleged shooter Wesley Sheppard was employed at Merit Health Biloxi.

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