Jackson County prepares for possible flood

Jackson County prepares for possible flood

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Since the recent declaration of emergency by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, a local county known for having flooding issues is making plans to keep things in order.

"So far we've been very fortunate in Jackson County. Some parts of the county have received over five inches of rain, but here in the southern part of the county we've had about two inches," said Jackson County Emergency Services Director, Earl Etheridge.

Gov. Bryant is working along with Jackson County Emergency officials to make sure that residents are safe, and to ensure an evacuation plan is in place.

"Our major work now is to make sure we're prepared for what might be coming," said Gov. Bryant.

Since parts of Jackson County, like Rose Dr., have severely flooded before, measures have been taken in an attempt to cut down rainfall accumulation.

However, these places are still at serious risk.Residents are being asked to take extreme caution.

"If you're in a low lying area that's flooded before, you may flood now. You might want to go somewhere else or stay with a relative until this is over with, which will probably be later on into Sunday," added Gov. Bryant.

So far, most roads are clear in Jackson County. However due to saturated grounds and full draining areas, there's a chance things could get worse as hours pass.

"If we get a lot of heavy rain, and there's no chance for the rain to run off, and then we might have some problems then," said Etheridge.

In the event of heavy rain, storm shelters will open on an "as needed" basis, more than likely starting on the east side.

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