Cade Ross of D'Iberville is one of the top powerlifters in the nation

Cade Ross of D'Iberville is one of the top powerlifters in the nation

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The D'Iberville Warriors are getting ready to defend their Class 6A State Powerlifting Championship April 16 in Jackson after claiming the South State title this past weekend, clipping Gulfport by five points.

The Warriors are led by senior Cade Ross, one of the top lifters in the nation.

Ross said, "This year has definitely been something special."

D'Iberville powerlifting coach Joshua Ladner has watched Ross pull off feats that no one else has been able to achieve.

"Cade, could quite possibly go down pound-for-pound as the best powerlifter in the state of Mississippi history, "Ladner said.  "At 185 pounds he total 1655. That's to this day the best pound-for-pound total in the nation this year currently."

Ross started powerlifting when he was a freshman at D'Iberville High School.

He said, "I've been doing it since 9th grade.  9th grade I got fourth. 10th grade I came back and won everything.  I've been undefeated since South State my 10th grade year.  Every meet I've done, I've won."

Ross said he felt good this past Saturday at Gulfport High, the site of the Class 6A South State Powerlifting Championships.

"This year at South State I had a 655 squat, a 315 pound bench and a 685 pound dead lift, "Ross stated.

Ladner says many times once an athlete achieves success many times the effort to improve wanes.  Ladner says despite winning the a state title in 2015 and ranked 13th in the nation, Ross continues to excel, giving his all.

"We won the state championship last year and it fueled him to work even harder to find the next goal, "said Ladner. "To me that's the difference to just being a great lifter and one of a kind.  I believe he is one of a kind."

Ross says he almost went out for football in his sophomore season, but decided to stick with powerlifting and he thought about putting on the football pads before his senior season.  It was only a thought, because Ross stuck with powerlifting and he's become a premier lifter in the United States.

He says LSU offered him a partial scholarship.  The Tigers have one of the top powerlifting programs in the college ranks.  Ross says he most likely will turn down the offer and go to a junior college and take up a technical trade.

He's not finished with powerlifting just yet.  His goal is to establish more records at the State Meet in Jackson in April.

"This year I would like to leave with the biggest total ever in high school of D'Iberville and I want to dead lift 700 and set myself apart from everyone, "stated Ross.

He also says if it wasn't for his Warrior teammates he would not have been able to achieve the success he has experienced.

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