Henderson Point residents say they aren't panicking about storms

Henderson Point residents say they aren't panicking about storms

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The weather is starting to deteriorate in Western Harrison County, but residents of Henderson Point say panic is reserved for much bigger storms.

Jim Sager, 97, has been around Henderson Point nearly his entire life, but says the storm doesn't bother him.

"Not really, you know. We follow it in the news. And it was supposed to rain yesterday, supposed  to rain today. And it hasn't rained yet," said Jim. "I imagine it's coming though."

Sager's wife Leboria says that since they are on the highest ground in Henderson Point, the storm itself isn't what keeps her up at night worrying.

"I'm concerned. I'm more concerned for other people than ourselves, because I know we just don't have that kind of problem that I've seen on the TV this morning," said Leboria.

All of the homes in the area are built up 16 to 20-plus feet. There is a mini-building boom going on with industrial strength architecture like that of Will Tucker, who has been a resident for almost a year and says the storm doesn't bother him.

"Not at all. Not until things start flying off the house. We're good now. We'll just close the shutters and hope the cable doesn't go out," said Tucker.

Reminders of Hurricane Katrina's devastation still stand at Henderson Point, and which is why residents say they only way they will ever leave again is with another hurricane.

"It's pretty safe here. In case of a hurricane, it's not safe. Nowhere," added Jim.

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