Hancock County braces for additional flooding

Hancock County braces for additional flooding

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Dozens of streets in Hancock County are covered with flood waters, driven by strong winds and high tide.

Emergency Manager Brian Adam says the heavy rains predicted will most certainly worsen street flooding.

Flooded streets, rising water and the threat of heavy rainfall threaten flood-prone areas, like Shoreline Park in Hancock County. However, many people who live in the neighborhoods are well versed in how to prepare and stay safe.

"Most of them in that area have already taken precautions by parking their vehicles out on 603 and out of the water. So, it seems like everybody is prepared," said Adam.

Adam has been keeping close tabs on the condition of area roadways, many of which already have standing water.

"We have a lot of flooded streets in the Shoreline Park area, east and west sides. We have it down in the Heron Bay area. We have flooded roads down there. The beach has had water on it," Adam said.

His challenge: making sure people in flood-prone areas are informed and prepared.

"Making sure people are safe in their homes. Because most of the area, everybody is up on stilts. Making sure they can get out and if they can't get out, we'll have to go in there and get them," said Adam.

Tenth Ave. is one of dozens of flooded streets in Hancock County. And while the high water is due to strong winds and high tides, additional rainfall is in the future.

"Waiting to see when the rain starts impacting us and how much of an impact that's going to be.  If we get what they say we're going to get, it's going to compound what we already have. It's going to make things a lot worse," said Adam.

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