Residents say after-hours park activity is a nuisance

Residents say after-hours park activity is a nuisance

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - MLK Park is the most used city park in Bay St. Louis. Anywhere from 100 to 200 children play there after school.

However, neighbor Willie Acker says it's what goes on after the park closes that's creating a problem.

"We need your help. We need security we need cameras to deter some of the problems," said Acker.

Acker says adults are hanging out around the park drinking, doing drugs, using foul language and gambling.

"An influx in our community of people, some are undesirables, with loud music and the pants below the waste indecency existing where our children can not enjoy the park," noted Acker, who says heavy police presence and strong enforcement of the park rules would help. "Let whoever is in violation be punished let them pay the fine. If we need money let us tap our citizens lets be responsible for the place we live."

Residents have taken their concerns to city leaders in search of relief.

"The part about the pants below the belt line so far down they're about to fall down, I think other cities have addressed that through city ordinances. We could address some ordinances to fix that. We could possibly look at cameras; that doesn't have to be a budgeted item. We could get the funds from the Department of Justice Fund," explained Councilman Joey Boudin.

Mayor Les Fillingame has called a meeting later in the week with the concerned residents, the police chief and public works department in hopes of making the park a safer place for children to play.

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