MDOT busy removing sand off Hwy. 90

MDOT busy removing sand off Hwy. 90

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Strong winds are creating messy, and even dangerous, conditions on Hwy. 90 as sand blows off the beach and onto the roadway.

Mississippi Department of Transportation employees are hoping to make significant progress before rain arrives; removing sand as quickly as it blows back onto the road.

Sand covers large portions of the road along several sections of busy Hwy. 90. MDOT crews with front-end loaders and a parade of dump trucks do their best to keep up with the misplaced beach.

"Anytime you have strong winds from the south coming in like they are, you're going to have sand come over the seawall," said MDOTs T.J. Ladd. "It causes a little bit of a problem, but we get down and pick it up until it's gone."

MDOT crews scoop and scrap the wayward sand off the roadway, and Harrison County sand beach crews are responsible for getting it off the medians.

Relentless winds made both jobs twice as difficult.

"As you can imagine, as soon as you make a pass there's sand blowing behind you. So, that makes things interesting and makes for definitely a full day of work," said Ladd.

Sand on the roadway can create trouble for traffic - vehicles can get stuck, or drivers can lose control.

Officials say that if residents must drive through the sandy roadway, slowdown. If possible, avoid Hwy. 90 altogether.

"If you've got to be on Highway 90, go slow, take your time and watch out for our crews," said Ladd.

MDOT recycles sand removed from the roadway, using it to help soak-up future spills on area roads.

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