Clinton supporters celebrate her victory in Mississippi primary

Clinton supporters celebrate her victory in Mississippi primary

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - It was a good night for Hillary Clinton supporters in the Magnolia State. Her win sparked great excitement for those who were gathered at her official campaign watch party at Hal and Mal's in downtown Jackson.

"Oh it's... I am elated because it says to me we can get a woman president," said State Representative Alyce Clarke.
Clarke was the first black female elected official in the state of Mississippi. Clarke has been a supporter of Clinton for years.

"If somebody says, 'Why are you working for her?' I'm not working for her," said Clarke. "I'm just working for the best person, who happens to be her."

Gloria Williamson, who works on the financial side of Clinton's campaign, is excited about her win, but says there's plenty of work left to do moving forward. 

"So we're going to be worker bees and we're going to be out there everyday raising money which is part of my job and we're going to be out there everyday, forming little bitty committees all over the country to get Hillary Clinton in the White House," said Williamson.

Although Mississippi is a traditionally red state, Clinton supporters say they believe Democrats have a chance to turn the state blue in November, especially if Clinton is the Democratic nominee.

"You shouldn't go into any election thinking you can't win cause all you can do is connect with the voters give them your platform and let them know that you can take the country in the right direction," said Marcus Williams.

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