Port appointment controversy continues

Port appointment controversy continues

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Businessman and Chairman of the Hancock County Republican Executive Committee Danny Johnson went before the Bay St. Louis City Council on Tuesday night to ask city leaders to take a vote to submit his name to Gov. Phil Bryant for consideration for an appointment on the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission.

Bryant recently put that appointment on hold after he received two different recommendations for the port and harbor commission seat.

Councilman Joey Boudin gave Johnson a recommendation letter in December that included a city letterhead. In January, Bryant received another letter from the full city council recommending Robert Kane, who has held the commission seat for 18 years, be reappointed to another term.

Councilman Jeffrey Reed told his fellow councilmen he would be in Jackson on Thursday and Friday of this week and would talk to Bryant to find out who he'd like to appoint to the commission seat.

City leaders tabled the issue Tuesday night and told Johnson they would revisit the issue at the next council meeting on March 22.

Appointments to boards are made by the city mayor, approved by the city council and then sent to the governor for his blessing.

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