Pro Bass Fisherman Beats Physical Limitations

Like most fisherman, Clayton Dyer loves to throw out a line. But being born with no legs and only part of one arm, Dyer had to learn how to do it his own way.

"I guess a lot of people would think it is harder for me to compete because of my lost extremities, but I can do the same techniques anybody else does," Dyer says.

Dyer uses his chin, teeth, and neck to do the work most fishermen's hands would do. His techniques may be different, but he says getting a bite on the line is all that matters.

"The physical part of it is not the hardest. It's actually trying to figure out what to do to make the fish bite," Dyer adds.

Dyer says fishing is a mental sport more than a physical one. That's why he says his deformities are no disadvantage, and he's got the tournament trophies to prove it.

"No legs and no arms. This guy's not only a great inspiration, he's also a great fisherman," Outdoor Show Host Hank Parker says.

An Outdoors Show even featured Dyer who's known in the Bass Fishing World for his 40 competition titles and his "go-get-em" attitude.

"I thrived on challenges, I've always had a lot obstacles. Being able to overcome those obstacles gave me a lot of drive, a lot of exhilaration to know that I've defeated something."

This 26-year-old has happily beaten the odds and defeated physical limitations.

"This is the way God wanted me, which is perfectly fine with me," Dyer says.