Some Harrison County voters face slight detour on Tuesday

Some Harrison County voters face slight detour on Tuesday

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Voters at one of Harrison County's busiest precincts will take a slight detour Tuesday. That's because the D'Iberville Civic Center, where they normally vote, has been leased out this week. So, voters will be directed next door.

District One voters normally cast ballots at the civic center.  But that building is reserved this week for a children's consignment sale, which kicks-off Wednesday. That's why voters will make a slight detour right, to the adjacent Kenny Fournier multi-purpose building.

"We've taken the necessary steps to go through the media and do as much as we can to notify the voters of the precinct change," Circuit Clerk Connie Ladner told Harrison County supervisors.

The circuit clerk and elections officials voiced concerns to county supervisors about making certain things are ready for Tuesday.

"They will have them changes made today, and everything should be good. Everything is up to ADA standards and compliance with the handicap stuff, so we'll be good. We'll be good for tomorrow," said road department official Timmy Smith, who helped direct the changes at the multi purpose center.

"They can come to the same location. They just have to walk to a different building. So with the confusion, we don't continue to confuse people. So they know, they come to the same area they always would. They just take a right," said Supervisor Connie Rockco.

The multi purpose building required some rather significant changes to meet those ADA standards, including the installation of a new door and upgrading the bathroom, which required moving a wall and installing support bars.

As a final precaution, for those voters who may not have gotten the word, there will be someone stationed in the civic center parking lot on election Tuesday, directing voters to the nearby blue building where they'll cast their ballot.

Board President Beverly Martin said the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

"Just let me remind you, the District One people out there voted in a concession stand for many years. So I think, if they're willing to drive to a concession stand to vote, they're willing to walk 30 feet," she told the board.

Supervisor Martin said now that the multi-purpose building is ADA compliant, the county might want to consider permanently locating the voting precinct there, especially since the civic center has become so popular for various events.

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