Eatery could be opening up in Gulfport's harbor

Eatery could be opening up in Gulfport's harbor

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The wheels are in motion to bring an eatery to Gulfport's harbor. City leaders are working out the details right now to bring a restaurant to the south side of the harbor.

According to Gulfport Chief Administrative Officer Dr. John Kelly, the city's redevelopment commission is working out a lease with a company that would build the restaurant at the harbor.

After the redevelopment commission advertised for proposals for a restaurant at the harbor, the city received three restaurants that responded to the proposal.

"We ended up choosing one. We are negotiating with that owner to build and operate a restaurant. That person would also subcontract or operate the bait shop and fuel dock inside two FEMA cottages," Kelly said.

Kelly said because they are located in a flood zone in the harbor, the operator must demonstrate they are portable structures and can be moved quickly in the event of a storm.

"You have to show that every three to four months, whether or not there is a storm in the Gulf, demonstrate that they truly are portable," Kelly added.

The restaurant, which will be built 26 feet above sea level, will cost $5 million to construct.

"The construction for the restaurant will take 10 to 12 months. We can't say when it will open until a construction company is selected and construction starts," Kelly explained. "There will be lots of water related activities associated with this restaurant."

City leaders expect to announce the restaurant in three to four weeks.

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