Garden Club Looking For Help To Preserve Nature Area

Walk along the Clower-Thorton Nature Area and you can immediately appreciate its tranquil beauty. The park continually attracts nature lovers who like to see all the plants and animals. It's also an ideal outdoor laboratory for students and environmentalists.

"The children benefit from it, and we benefit from it, in a sense that we got something natural here for water drainage, flood protection," park volunteer Danny Brown said.

That's why those who run the park need more volunteers to preserve this precious resource.

"We're appealing for help for volunteers to help us keep this clean," Garden Clubs of Mississippi member Edie Dreher said.

Park supporters also need volunteers and money to build more paved pathways through some parts of the park. That will allow senior citizens and those confined to a wheelchair to enjoy all of Mother Nature's beauty.

"This is a unique place in that it's a rare set-aside on the coast for nature observation and for migrant birds and the like," Brown said. "So people who are interested in that kind of thing, it would be great if they could come out and assist in these projects."

Park volunteers are hoping that your help will give more people a chance to discover this natural jewel. Admission to the park is free. If you'd like more information on group tours, or would like to volunteer, you may call the Garden Clubs of Mississippi at (228) 864-2775.