Jackson Co. residents speak out on state flag issue

Jackson Co. residents speak out on state flag issue

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County supervisors have a packed house at this morning's meeting as residents and local NAACP leaders gather to talk about the future of the Mississippi state flag.

Last month, NAACP members pushed to have the Mississippi state flag removed from county properties. At that time, supervisors passed a motion to take the issue under advisement, and discuss it again today.

At the start of the meeting, one person addressed supervisors saying, "This flag is decisive - new industries, colleges aren't gonna come here because of that flag."

Another person said, "How can you call yourself a person of faith, but support a flag that causes many of our citizens pain?"

"As a matter of respect for the state, we need to fly the state flag until the state changes the flag," one flag supporter said. "If you're not gonna fly the flag - then don't take state funds."

Those calling for its removal, say the flag represents slavery and white supremacy. Those in favor of keeping it say it represents history.

Reporter Janel Forte is at the meeting and will have more comments from both sides, and any decision from supervisors later today on WLOX.com and WLOX News Now.

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