Biloxi Lions Club Names Outstanding Citizen 2000

Those who knew Jimmie Roy says he touched many lives and made numerous contributions to his community. So on Wednesday, the Biloxi Lions Club named Jimmie Roy its Outstanding Citizen for the Year 2000.

The club presented the traditional Gold Cup to Jimmie Roy's widow, Mildred. Mr. Roy spent 17-years on the Biloxi School Board and served on various civic organizations, including the Harrison County United Way and the Biloxi and Gulf Coast Chambers of Commerce. He passed away in July of 2000.

Mildred Roy says her husband loved his job, his city and helping children. Mrs. Roy says she's very proud of the award.  She says her husband worked for Biloxi, not to receive accolades, but because he wanted to make a difference in Biloxi.  He believed that if one person could save one child, then he was doing the work that God put him here to do.

Biloxi Mayor A-J Holloway also presented Mrs. Roy a Certificate of Achievement to honor her late husband.  Several people who worked with Jimmie Roy also spoke about the difference he made in their lives.

By:  Trang Pham-Bui