Waveland police cracking down on speeding

Waveland police cracking down on speeding

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Waveland police are cracking down on speeding. The Waveland Police Department unveiled a new traffic device designed to slow drivers down.

The new speed monitor is mobile and is able to mount on any street sign. According to Waveland officials, the new device will be used on roadways citywide.

"Accidents are caused by people speeding and not paying attention, so hopefully this sign when it's blinking to let them know to slow down," said Assistant Police Chief Michael Prendergast.

"One of the great features about it, it actually does traffic analysis. It will tell us how many cars, how many were speeding, the basic times it's happening," said Police Chief David Allen.

Allen said the monitor was purchased with drug forfeiture funds, and he hopes the department can purchase another soon.

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