MBI investigating fatal officer-involved shooting in Gautier

MBI investigating fatal officer-involved shooting in Gautier
(Photo source: WLOX viewer)
(Photo source: WLOX viewer)

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - One man was killed in a shootout with Gautier police Tuesday night, according to police department spokesman Detective Matt Hoggatt.

At this time, neither investigators handling the case nor the Jackson County Coroner's Office are releasing any further details surrounding the fatal shooting.

Hoggatt said officers were met with gunfire when they responded to a domestic disturbance on Home of Grace Dr. in the Hickory Hills community sometime around 8 p.m.

"We heard a bunch of hollering, a woman hollering, and then we heard gunshots. So, we got in the car and rode down there, and then a lady cop told us that we needed to turn around, that she didn't want a little girl to see her dad get shot," said resident Macayla Taylor. "We was hoping that they would stop, but we was kind of like, you know, where are these gunshots going? How do we know they're not going to hit us?"

Officers tried to negotiate with the suspect over the phone, according to Hoggatt.

"We shut down the immediate area due to the fact that the gunshots were fired at police and also in the area of homes that were adjacent to and across the street from the home where the suspect was firing," said Hoggatt. "We felt like it was an imminent threat for not only our officers, but also for citizens in the area."

Hoggatt said the man, who has not been identified, continued to fire at police, and he was eventually shot and killed by an officer after a lengthy standoff.

"An officer was able to discharge a round from his service weapon and strike the suspect. Right now, we are working a death investigation involving that suspect," Hoggatt said.

No officers were injured in the shootout, and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Jackson County District Attorney's Office have taken over the investigation, which is protocol in officer related shootings.

Several residents in the area tell us they have never seen or heard anything like this before.

"All my neighbors came outside. We were waiting around, and about 20 minutes later, there was multiple gunfire heard in the distance, followed by a calm and then more multiple gunfire," Sergio Nieves said.

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