Gautier neighborhood hit with a string of burglaries

Gautier neighborhood hit with a string of burglaries
College Park subdivision gets hit with a string of burglaries. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - A string of burglaries in a south Gautier neighborhood has residents scared. Gautier police are working hard to find the culprits, but they need your help. Residents in the College Park subdivision in Gautier are on edge.

"You just walk around hoping that you're not gonna be their next victim - it's not a good feeling," said resident Sharon Casey.

Over the last two months, Gautier police have responded to reports of at least 10 home and car burglaries in this neighborhood.

"Everybody is concerned. It's a bunch of nonsense that shouldn't be going on. We should be able to feel safe," Casey said.

Gautier police agree, and are working on a number of tactics to tackle the rise in thefts.

"We're implementing a temporary strengthening of our detective unit. We're adding two more officers to assist with major property crimes. We're gonna put a stop to this," said Matt Hoggatt with the Gautier Police Department.

Gautier police are also asking the public to help them find one of the main suspects in the robberies. They say Donozan Floyd Jr. also known as "Little Hogg" is wanted on two counts of residential burglary. He is also a person of interest for a number of other crimes.

"We've also issued three other warrants for felony theft cases involving auto burglaries, house burglaries, and grand larceny, all from the south Gautier area," said Hoggatt.

Police say their main challenge is that the people committing the crimes are usually associated with the area and don't look out of place.

"Most of these burglaries are occurring during the daytime, and the people who are committing the burglaries live in the area," said Hoggatt.

Police urge residents to lock their homes and cars. They also say leaving a light on can deter potential burglars.

Gautier Police are urging anyone with information on the burglaries to contact them at (228) 497-2486 or by calling Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers at (877) 787-5898.

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