Gas Prices Already High, Some Drivers Don't Mind Spending Even More

When drivers pull into Poole's Service Center for gas, they expect more than just a fill up. For $2.75 a gallon for regular unleaded, they get a check up on their entire automobile.

"Wash the windshield, check all the fluid levels, check their tires, check the spare," Service Center owner Dale Poole says.

Poole's customers spend on average 33% more when they pull at his full service center. But when gas prices go up, Poole says his business doesn't go down.

He says his customers aren't looking for a bargain. They're looking for service.

Poole says his customers fork out that extra money to make sure small problems with tires, belts, and fluid levels are fixed before they cause major damage.

"A friend of mine's wife was suppose to come by here, but was running a little late and stopped up at the interstate to get gas. She got almost to New Orleans and her car ran hot. She pulled over, it was too late. She had done melted the motor. She had it towed back here and it was a hose that was leaking. If she would have came by, we would have seen that the hose was leaking and fixed it," Poole says.

"Man, gas is high," customer Jeffery King says.

King wasn't expecting to pay almost $3 a gallon for premium gas when he pulled up, but says after being warned of his low oil level, he decided it was worth it.

"Full service does help. You don't have to get out of your car to do anything and it's very rarely that you find somebody to check your oil these days. You get what you pay for," King says.