Pascagoula re-evaluates utility rate increase

Pascagoula re-evaluates utility rate increase
The Pascagoula City Council held a special meeting Monday to discuss the recent utility rate increases.  (Photo source: WLOX)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Pascagoula residents aren't happy about the city's water and sewage rate increases.

"We're actually gonna go through a hardship because of the increase in the water bill," said resident Tony Jenkins.

Last year, the city council voted to pass along a $1.85 million increase from the Jackson County Utility Authority to its residents. But now the council is re-evaluating that decision.

"The purpose for today was to address some of the calls and complaints, and speak to our comptroller to make sure that what we're collecting is the 1.85 that we told our citizens the rate increase was for," said Alderwoman-at-Large Brenda Simkins.

Now leaders say it's possible the city is over charging customers.

"Our intent with the increase is to capture that, and nothing substantially more than that," said Simkins.

Some council members, as well as city Comptroller Bobby Parker said it makes sense to fix the issue after a few billing cycles.

"There's so many variables in trying to project that number that we need to come up with, it's going to take a few cycles to see if that projection was reasonable," said Parker.

Unreasonable is a better description from some Pascagoula residents who sounded off on Twitter.

Council members plan to discuss the rate increase again after getting another look at the numbers. Officials say additionally, some people may have seen errors on their bills. If you think your bill has an error, contact Pascagoula City Hall.

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