Action Report Update: Lucedale woman is in need of prosthetic limbs

Action Report Update: Lucedale woman is in need of prosthetic limbs

HURLEY, MS (WLOX) - Last July I met a  woman who lost three limbs due to an infection following an operation. After the story aired, a company contacted WLOX, wanting to help Cindy Glaskox get prosthetic limbs.

Cindy Glaskox has been in a wheelchair since December 13 when she says she lost both hands and one leg below the knee from an infection.  She needed prosthetic limbs.

Glaskox says she had new hope after the Action Report aired last July and a prosthetic limbs company offered to help her.   The company told me they wanted to remain anonymous.  Back then, Glaskox was wired and hooked up to a computer and practiced using her muscles, simulating on how to use artificial hands.

Glaskox said, "I thought, well I would be a little independent where I could get dress on my own.  Comb my hair and do a little bit for myself.

Later,  Glaskox was cast for a leg and practiced walking with the artificial limb.

"I walked across the room several times, "stated Glaskox.  "I was excited."

Cindy's mom. Lizzie Glaskox thought her prayers had been answered.

"She knew she could walk and honey she just kept going and she didn't want to stop. "stated Lizzie Glaskox.

But, Glazkox didn't have the money to pay for the prosthetic.

I met with the owners of the local prosthetics company Thursday. They told me they are willing to donate the artificial leg, but can't afford to give her the hands which cost $17,000 each.

So Glaskox is trying to raise that money.  A fund has been set up at all M&M Banks under the Cindy Glaskox Prosthetics Fund with identification number 141-005-043 for anyone who wants to donate.

Glaskox said, "I'm not going to give up because God don't bring you halfway, he brings you all the way."

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