Artists team up for exhibit

Artists team up for exhibit

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Something special happened when more than 30 artists were asked to create a 12-by-12 piece of art to be part of a large installation. The collaborative effort is called perspective 360 and it's being exhibited at Negrotto's Gallery in Biloxi.

"The exhibit was inspired by the thought of bringing a variety of artist perspectives together. Different backgrounds in celebration of African American history and culture," said art director Julia Reyes.

A wide variety of mediums are represented in a pair of what could be called artistic quilts. Individual panels from the heart, mind and soul of artists represent a common purpose.

It's a unique concept that fans the flames of teamwork.

"We wanted it to be an inclusive show that brought people together to see how they work together. It's a visual union with expansive perspectives that come together in a quilt where people can see it as a mass, but also slow down and reflect on the individual narratives that might take place in each piece," Reyes said.

Perspective 360 will be up at Negrotto's Gallery through March 12.

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