Getting The Most Out Of Your Gas

As people reluctantly head to the gas pumps, the high prices continue to get the same low responses.

"Unbelievable," said Chris Gruich.

"Ridiculous," said Diamond Martial.

"Ridiculous would be a good word I think," said Joshua Favre.

But there are ways to get the most out of your money.

We stopped by David Poulos Tire and Auto Center in Biloxi to find out those ways.

"A lot of people take their car for granted. They don't check the air pressure and the tires which is a big factor in saving gas because the lower the air pressure the more drag you have on the car, the more gas it's going to take to push that car along the road," said Poulos.

Having your alignment, oil, and air filter checked- these are some of the preventive steps Poulos says is the key to making your gas and money last a bit longer.

He also says don't ignore the warning signs like the check engine light.

"The check engine light could mean an oxygen sensor which is also going to burn a lot more gas if it's not changed," said Poulos.

And here's just another tip to save gas as well as to improve gas mileage. Remove all of the unnecessary items in your trunk because the extra weight decreases your gas mileage.

And speaking of decreasing, try decreasing your speed on the streets.

"The RPMs in your car is telling you how fast your motor is running. The higher the RPMs, the more gas you have to burn to push the car to go faster. So if you keep it below 55 according to the National Automobile Act, you're gonna burn a lot less gas going less than 55 miles an hour," said Poulos.

He also suggests on cool days, roll down your windows and try not to run the AC.

But when all of the above fails, try this -

"Bicycles and walking is definitely the best way to save gas," said Poulos.

Poulos also suggests checking your local automotive store for fuel saving devices.