Pearl River County residents recall storm

Pearl River County residents recall storm

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - While some parts of South Mississippi were spared during Tuesday's storm, other areas were hit hard.

A possible tornado left extensive damage in Pearl River County and several families got a big scare. Peggy Lowe knows she's fortunate she lived to tell her story.

She says late Tuesday afternoon she was watching the news when all of a sudden, she looked out the window and saw something weird happen.

"The wind must have lifted the water off the pond. When I saw that water coming up off that pond, I knew there was some wind pressure out there," explained Lowe.

That's when she says she knew she needed to take cover. Lowe ran to the closest bathroom and jumped into the bathtub.

"I just can't describe it, but I wasn't scared. I just knew the Lord was there with me," said Lowe.

Lowe says she never heard anything that sounded like a freight train or any loud roars.

"All I could hear is the glass breaking and the water dripping," said Lowe.

Every window in the house was blown out and the metal roof stripped off. Behind the home, a sheet metal barn became a casualty.

The force and power of the tornado uprooted 30-feet of an oak tree root.

"I honestly think we had three tornadoes hit this county, at least three," said Pearl River County Emergency Management Director Danny Manley.

One of those tornadoes touched down in the Ford Creek community .

Toppling a mobile home, ripping off the roof of another and shooting tree limbs into the walls like a spears.

"I heard a humming sound coming. I grabbed my wife, threw her in the bathroom. We shut the door and by that time I could feel our whole house picking up and sitting down. It just kept picking up and sitting down," said Jared Nuccio.

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