Kasich campaigns in Gulfport with town hall meeting

Kasich campaigns in Gulfport with town hall meeting

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Republican presidential candidate John Kasich brought his campaign to South Mississippi on Wednesday. The Ohio governor addressed a wide range of issues during a town hall meeting at the Climb CDC event center in Gulfport.

"If some of these people would get out of the race, my head-to-head against Donald Trump, I beat him by 18 points in the State of Ohio," Kasich told the crowd.

The candidate outlined his accomplishments to the overflow crowd, including budget balancing and job creation, first in Congress, then as governor. He said he's ready to tackle the myriad of challenges now facing America.

"You came back after Katrina. Think about how difficult that was to do. We come back. We're strong. It's working. We can do these things, but what we also have to do is relight the embers that we all know we are the ones that provide the strength and the spirit for our country," said Kasich.

A school board member from Hattiesburg asked the governor about his education plan.

"We've got to be changing what we do in those schools, to make sure we're giving them what they're going to need and arm them with the skills for jobs," said Kasich.

One question dealt with foreign policy and terrorism. What's your policy or plan to defeat ISIS?

"The issue of ISIS, they have to be destroyed, and you cannot destroy them from the air alone. It has to be the air and the ground, and we have to have Muslim countries, Arab countries, that are going to be part of our coalition," said Kasich.

The governor took time to recognize the students of Climb CDC, telling them they have dignity and a purpose in their lives.

"For him to say that, it makes us at Climb CDC feel a lot better about ourselves. It feels we can go farther in our lives because he said that," said student Cheyenne Mitchell.

Ben Nottingham, 9, likes what he heard.

"Because I like politics a little bit," said the youngster.

Kasich reminded all his supporters to hang tough.

"You've got a long way to go, you know. You know enough about football down here. That it's really not what the score is at the first quarter. It's what the score is at the end of the game," Kasich said.

Mississippi's presidential primary vote is Tuesday, March 8.

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