Pascagoula Church Uses Reenactment As Easter Reminder

It's the story of Jesus' last days as performed by a group of singers and dancers on Easter Sunday.

And it's the story most of us are familiar with.

The betrayal, the burden of the cross, the crucifixion, and the resurrection.

But for some, no matter how many times they hear it, each time is just as emotional as the first.

"I started crying. I cry every time I see it, and probably will again," Church Member Sharlow Snyder says.

"I've watched it four times, even more than that during rehearsal. It still is powerful every time," Pastor Roger Bradley.

This dramatization is one of the many techniques Church on the Rock pastor Roger Bradley uses to spread the word of the Lord.

"He just believes in using every gift that God has given us. spiritual and artistic gifts to communicate that message to whomever will hear it,"Church member Dane Snyder says.

Many church members and visitors agree.

A service like this is a great way to spend Easter.

"I liked the preaching, I liked the singing, I liked the entire program. It was really beautiful," Visitor Mademel McMillan says.

But today's performance may have also touched some people's lives in a more permanent way.

"I feel sure that there's a lot of people that walked out of here with that seed of faith in their heart,"Dane Snyder says.

For at least one visitor, that was the case.

"We'll be here or at the Church on the Rock next Sunday. I'd like to invite a lot of my friends too if they've never been to a church or if they'd been to other churches and not this one. I'd like them to experience what we've experienced. It's really nice,"Visitor Marcus Dees says.