Group hoping to shakeup education funding in Jackson

Group hoping to shakeup education funding in Jackson

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - A group of parents is fed up with the state of education funding in Mississippi. Right now, the parents are planning a trip up to Jackson to make their voices heard. Their efforts have garnered the attention of thousands of others statewide.

It started as a spark on social media, and in less than a year the movement is catching fire statewide. Thousands of followers have joined the Fed Up with 50th movement started by several coast parents who are tired of Mississippi's education funding.

"I think we need to build up the public schools in our communities so that our communities can stand strong," said JerryLynn Patriquin.

Patriquin joined the movement shortly after it started and said she's not satisfied with the flow of cash in the capitol. She said the proper funding of education benefits everyone, not just parents.

"Our communities thrive, our housing rates improve, our economies improve," said Patriquin.

A bill that currently sits in appropriations (HB 943) proposes changes to education funding that Fed Up with 50th parents disagree with. Patriquin said these changes could lead to parents getting vouchers for moving their students to other schools, including private and charter.

"I don't want to see our taxes go out of our community and follow other children into other districts," said Patriquin.

Robin Boswell agrees. She's one of the founders of Fed Up with 50th. The group is getting ready to head to Jackson for a news conference to keep the conversation going.

"I'd like the hearts to be changed. But also, I really, really want other parents in the state of Mississippi to join us. Stand up and make your voice heard," said Boswell.

According to Boswell, thousands of other parents statewide have committed to helping this cause move forward. She and Patriquin hope that even more will get on board the Fed Up train after the group makes their voices heard in the capitol.

"Let's make our public schools strong and teach our children well," said Boswell.

The group's news conference is scheduled for Wednesday at 11:30am on the second floor of the Rotunda in Jackson. To follow Fed Up with 50th on Facebook, visit:

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