Pressure To Finish Mounts At Biloxi Sports Complex

There is a race going on at the Biloxi Sports Complex.

One week from Saturday hundreds of little league baseball players and their fans are supposed to take to the fields.

The trouble is the facility isn't ready yet.

The players aren't there yet. Neither are the coaches or the fans.

However, preparations for Little League Baseball are in full swing at the Biloxi Sports Complex.

"Some of the work that still needs to be done is that they still have some more concrete that needs to be laid for the walk ways that are going into the fields," said city spokesperson Vincent Creel.

"There is still some work to be done on the pressure washing of the concrete. They still need to put some of the awnings on the covered bleachers and put up some of the bleachers themselves."

As workers push forward to get everything ready by next Saturday, city officials say there is a sense of urgency but also a confidence that everything will be ready when the crowds arrive.

"Next week the city workers and the city contractors are going to be racing against the clock to get this beautiful facility all wrapped up here," said Creel.

"There is still a good bit of work for them to do but we're confident that with good weather and a lot of hard work we're going to have everything ready."

When the five baseball fields are ready along with the concessions stands other amenities, Creel believes the community will be ready to cheer.

"Next week we're going to have 680 little leaguers out here and they are going to be playing for the opening day ceremonies of the Biloxi little league. It's the first time in the history of the city that we have had a united little league."

The new baseball fields are only the latest phase of the $11 million dollar Biloxi Sports complex. Future plans include tennis courts and a walking track.