Coast man ready for his reality TV debut

Coast man ready for his reality TV debut

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Shane Lester sits behind the wheel of this street car that is like a rocket ship on wheels. He named the car Prime Evil.

"The reason for the name is if you look at it it seems like pure, ancient evil. It looks like it's going 200 miles an hour just sitting there," Lester said.

Lester will be featured on the reality show "Street Outlaws: New Orleans", which runs on Discovery Channel.

The production team spent time on the coast capturing Lester's love of fast cars and street racing. He hasn't seen the final edit of the show, but he knows viewers will catch South Mississippi scenery.

"You are going to see the coast in some of it. I don't know exactly what will be shown.They did film some on the coast for sure to represent where we're from," Lester said.

The Street Outlaws team followed Lester around Cruisin' the Coast last fall. The series pits drivers against each other. Technically, street racing is illegal and the show pushes the letter of the law.

Shane has been passionate about racing since he was a teen.

"Mostly the rush and the adrenaline. If you have never done it you won't understand.  That's why I encourage people to watch the show and they'll get a glimpse at what we do and why we enjoy it so much," according to Lester.
Lester and another driver from Jackson County will represent South Mississippi as cast members on one of cable TV's top rated shows.

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