Death row appeal: Convicted killer's family recalls troubled childhood

Death row appeal: Convicted killer's family recalls troubled childhood

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Alan Dale Walker is in a Harrison County courtroom trying to get his death sentence overturned.

Twenty four years ago, Walker was convicted of kidnapping, raping and drowning Long Beach teenager Konya Edwards. He was sentenced to death, plus 65 years in prison for other crimes.

Walker claims his counsel was ineffective during the sentencing phase of his trial, and he wants the sentence thrown out.

Monday's hearing was being treated as if it were right after his original conviction. Walker's attorneys presented six witnesses. As of the noon recess, three had made it to the stand: Walker's half sister, his mom, and his aunt.

Their testimonies revealed Walker's troubled childhood. According to the witnesses, he had a broken home life, hung out with friends of questionable morals, smoked marijuana, drank heavily, and committed theft occasionally.

The victim's mother is also in court Monday, having to relive the horrors of her daughter's death.

Judge Chris Schmidt said this case will be conducted in two phases. Jonathan Brannan has been in the courtroom all day listening to testimony.

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