Long Beach Voters Discuss The Issues On Their Minds

Drainage and the environment top the list of concerns among many residents of Long Beach. Tuesday night, about 30 people showed up at the City Hall Annex to meet the candidates for Mayor and Aldermen of Long Beach and listen to their plans for the city.

WLOX-TV asked several residents about the issues they want their future leaders to tackle, as they look forward to the May primaries. Daniel Gardner says drainage and flooding are big concerns.  He also says he heard the Senior Citizens Center is about to lose its lease, so he'd like to see a new center go up in the same area.

JoAnna Hudson says she's an environmentalist, so she's very interested in the tree ordinance, the building ordinances, the sign ordinances, and preserving wetlands.  She wants the city to be more capable of enforcing the laws and not make exceptions to the rules that are on the books.

The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce sponsored the political forum. 11-candidates spoke and then fielded written questions from the audience.

By: Trang Pham-Bui