Florida teenager accused of practicing medicine without a license

Florida teenager accused of practicing medicine without a license

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WLOX) - Residents in South Mississippi have been warned about various scams targeting the elderly. From telling them their grandchildren are in jail, or pretending to be from the bank or IRS, scammers have become crafty at swindling seniors out of their coins.

But in Florida, investigators are tackling a much different type of scammer - 18-year-old Malachi A. Love-Robinson.

According to reports, the self-titled "Dr. Love" was arrested two days after Valentine's Day and accused of practicing medicine without a license. When questioned by ABC reporter Matt Gutman, the teenager replied that although he holds a Ph.D, he didn't feel comfortable disclosing in what.

Legit or not, Robinson, who faces multiple charges including grand theft and fraud, seemed to role play with the best of them.

The website for New Birth New Life Medical Center & Urgent Care, LLC looks real to the average eye. In his bio, Robinson who sports a mohawk, says he treats patients with "mechanical methods", such as air, water, light, heat, earth and phototherapy. He even lists a staff; both an operations and program director.

There's no word if the money patients forked over may be able to be recouped in court, but the sense of security they should've felt when trusting their livelihood with a professional was likely lost forever.

How can you make sure that you and your loved ones stay clear of people with ill-intentions? First, use your gut. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Also, don't be afraid to get a second opinion. Ask a friend. Reach out to your local Better Business Bureau. And if you feel threatened, never be afraid to reach out to police.

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