Christians Reflect On Jesus' Suffering On Good Friday

The faithful at St. Mark Episcopal Church in Gulfport fell on their knees as they relived the final hours of Jesus' life. They prayed "He died and was buried, and rose again".

Terry Helms said "It tears you up. It's very sorrowful when we think about the price that Christ paid for our sins".

Members of Trinity United Methodist Church also retraced Christ's last steps during an outdoor observance. As they stopped at each station of the cross on Good Friday, they meditated on how Jesus was taunted and tortured.  They also tried to come to grips with why Jesus gave his life on the cross.

The Rev. Ray Stokes said "I want them to understand the gift that God has given us through his Son and the gift of life and forgiveness and sacrifice".

Laura Hanson was overwhelmed with emotion. She wiped away a tear and said "This is my favorite service. The stations of the cross is just a beautiful service. The wording was beautiful. I love it".

Her son Jack said "It's just to celebrate Jesus Christ, and how he was crucified for us".

The observance was also a time for Christians to reflect on how Jesus' death can help them renew their own lives. The members prayed "May I be poor in spirit Lord, so I can be rich in you".

Catholics and Orthodox Christians also observed Good Friday as a day of fasting.