Mississippi BBQ sauce headed to Hollywood

Mississippi BBQ sauce headed to Hollywood

BILOXI, MS (WLOX/AP) - Born in Biloxi, J. Lee's Gourmet BBQ Sauce is taking the world by storm.

"Our goal is to move a lot of product, to get it all over the world. Our sauce was named number one in the world out of 265 sauces. We're doing it all out of Biloxi, Mississippi," said company founder James Lee.

Lee starting making BBQ sauce when he was in the Army. Everyone loved his recipe, and now the company's original and spicy sauce is being shipped around America. It's bottled in Louisiana and featured in an array of grocery stores.

Lee is not just a businessman. He sees himself as a goodwill ambassador for his hometown of Biloxi and the state of Mississippi.

"I'm very excited about putting Biloxi on the map," Lee said.

Through clever marketing, the J.Lee's team says the BBQ sauce goes on anything - like deviled eggs, sushi or turned into a dip.

"I came up with this one day when I ran out of dip. I wondered what I could do. J. Lee's BBQ can be used in anything," noted business partner Curtis Jennings.

After show producers contacted Lee, the Biloxi sauce is on it's way to Hollywood for the 2016 Academy Awards.

"When I talked to the producer there, she said 'We've heard a lot about your BBQ sauce. They've been ordering it from Los Angeles and New York. They're going to put the sauce in gift bags for the celebrities.'"

You can watch the Oscars on WLOX ABC Sunday night, February 28.

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