Another New Condo Development Coming To Biloxi

The coast is fast becoming "the" premier location for condominium developers. Among the latest plans is a proposed high rise near Debuys Road and Highway 90 in Biloxi.

A desirable location and affordable land are helping attract such projects.

The foundation work is nearly finished on the ten story Sea Breeze condominiums.

"We're pouring our first typical floor today," said project manager John Oropesa.

Oropesa helped build Beau Rivage. These days he's overseeing construction on one of the many high rise condos coming to the coast.

"You've got a great location and the real estate is a really good value compared to Destin and the areas in the panhandle," he explained.

Spring in South Mississippi is bringing a growth spurt of condo projects and plans. The first tower of the Legacy in Gulfport is nearly finished, with tower number two well underway.

One of the latest proposed condominium sites is in the shadow of Legacy Towers, on the Biloxi side of Debuys Road. Developers of "Pelican Isle" towers want to replace three small motels with a 300 unit high rise condo project.

"I think you're going to see a lot of future development of condos here. This skyline will be changing here in the next few years," said John Oropesa.

That change is already evident, as more and more condo developers place their bets on the success of the South Mississippi market.

The condominium boom also means job security in the construction trade. There are up to 100 workers on the job at the Sea Breeze project each day.