Mississippi lawmakers consider raising gas tax

Mississippi lawmakers consider raising gas tax

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - With gas prices dropping, there's talk in Jackson of possibly raising the gas tax in Mississippi.

The state Department of Transportation told lawmakers this week, it needs an additional $526 million a year in funding.

The money would be used to pave state-owned roads and highways, as well as bridge repairs.

The current gas tax is a little over 18 cents a gallon in Mississippi.

The state House and Senate Transportation Committees plan to discuss funding for roads and bridges next Wednesday.

We asked some Coast drivers if they would support a gas tax hike to pay for the improvements.

"I thought we pay taxes for that such as the license plates or your tags for your cars," said Tony Guerin. "I think Mississippi is taxed pretty much, no I wouldn't."

Winston Ausmer agrees, "Not now I won't, because the gas prices being so high so long, here we got a break, the gas prices going down, and people have been able to travel more, and we'll be able to drive our vehicles more than we did before."

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