Jury duty phone scam targets elderly citizens

Jury duty phone scam targets elderly citizens

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Several people are out thousands of dollars after falling victim to a jury duty scam targeting elderly citizens.

Harrison County Circuit Clerk Connie Ladner tells WLOX at least six people have been affected by the current scam.

Ladner says in each case, the victim was contacted by phone by a person identifying themselves as a representative from the Harrison County Sheriff's Department. They are then told that they missed jury duty and must pay money, or be arrested. The victims are instructed to purchase prepaid Winn Dixie cards, give the card numbers to the caller, then send the cards to the courthouse.

Ladner says envelopes filled with cards have been arriving at the courthouse, but the cards are empty by that time.

The six victims identified have lost $2,000 each as a result of the scam.

Ladner says the county will never ask for money over the phone due to missed jury duty. If you are contacted by a similar call, do not give any personal information or payment information.

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