Coast Welcomes Scattered Showers

Some communities got more than others, but most of the coast enjoyed at least a little rainfall Tuesday.

And that rain has been mostly missing this month. Until Tuesday, Biloxi had received less than two tenths of an inch of rainfall this month. Normal rainfall is close to five inches for this late in April.

The morning started promising enough. A decent downpour in Gulfport gave the wipers a workout and provided a welcome watering for Vondell Craft's flower filled yard.

This master gardener welcomes the much needed rain.

"I certainly do. I've been having to water almost daily. But it's great. I hope we get a lot of it today."

Frequent fertilizer and daily watering help produce dozens of colorful blooms in her front yard. Scattered showers allow this gardener to put away her garden hose for awhile.

"And I water things in containers daily. And my flower beds at least every other day. I do have a ground pump. Otherwise, I couldn't afford to do it. Yes, I do have to water quite a bit."

The scattered rain didn't bother Doris and John Lewis. The Ohio couple enjoyed relaxing on the beach and watching children play along the shoreline. They ignored the darkening skies.

"She said she thought she felt a few drops, but it's been quite comfortable. We're enjoying it," said John Lewis.

His wife packed a rain hat in her purse, just in case.

"I left the umbrella in the car. And that's faith. But we're ready," Doris Lewis said.

Scattered showers on the back bay didn't ruin Mike Griffith's fishing trip.  He wet a line off the old Popps Ferry causeway, while ignoring the increasing raindrops.

Griffith told us he'd head for the house if the rain got much harder.